About Webmethods

To achieve an edge in fast-moving industry, better visibility of business and operational processes through the synchronization of real-time data across heterogeneous systems is necessary.

webMethods products specialize in business process integration software for enterprises which enable application integration, business process integration and B2B partner integration. It provides an integrated platform that includes both service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM).

The intuitive development environment webMethods enables to easily, and quickly, build the large number of interfaces required to meet its complex integration requirements.

With webMethods Enterprise Service Bus, businesses can reap full advantage of the standards-based interfaces to integrate with their existing systems and utilize service orchestration to connect their existing systems to their processes. The integration helps to speed up the deployment of new applications and processes and bring new partners on board much more quickly. webMethods ESB enables to achieve real-time interoperability across numerous disparate applications, including independence from the constraints of their operating systems and hardware platforms.

Why webmethods?

For Better visibility into real-time processes with dynamic synchronization of data across heterogeneous systems

To Optimize the efficiency of business processes leading to improved business process productivity and ROI

Additional business capabilities like late shipment and sales performance monitoring via dashboards/SMS and stock-on-hand monitoring for all markets.

For increased Developer and IT productivity through user-friendly intuitive interface and re-use of programming objects from the webMethods ESB.

To facilitate cost savings resulting from the re-use of the service components.